What is Project Kami ?

Project Kami is the first NFT collection to be launched on Nervos Layer 2 (Godwoken). It is a series of 10,000 programmatically generated portraits.

9,999 of these portraits will be available for sale with buyers receiving a still image and a seamlessly looping video of a Kami.

All portrait owners will also be eligible to participate in 'The Hunt for the Unity' an on-chain digital treasure hunt that was designed to give all buyers an EQUAL chance to win the rarest portrait in the series ‘The Unity’. Winners will also recieve 10% of ALL initial mint sales.

How to Mint ?
Please take a look at the following materials for a clean guide on the minting process.

Video instruction
How are the Kami randomly distributed ?
Although the gallery contains 19997 portraits, only 9999 of these are on sale with the unity being the 10000th. The remainder will remain frozen on permanent display. There will be a one week period from the start of the sale before the NFTs are revealed. This is to ensure fair minting process and prevent trait sniping. The set of mintable images will be sorted via a random seed that will come from the number of words on the leading article on https://www.theguardian.com/international 7 days from the launch of the site. Let IM denote this sorted list of Image Ids (‘00000’ - ‘19997’) which are on sale. The random seed is then input into the following python code which maps Token Ids (0 - 9998) to elements of IM. Token Id 9999 will correspond to the unity.
import random

def get_token_to_image_mapping(seed):
  token_to_image = {}
  l = list(range(9999))
  for i in range(9999):
    token_to_image[i] = IM[l[i]]

When you buy a portrait, you will be able to see it on the Your Kami's page once the reveal date has been passed.

What are trait-groups ?

Kami are divided into different "Trait-Groups" based on the Class Symbol that is seen at the top of their head and the Rank Symbol that are seen in the bottom of the portrait. The Shinikami and Voidin don't display their Class symbol and do not have a rank symbol.

There are 6 classes - Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Shinikami or Voidin. In addition to this, the Earth, Air, Fire and Water Kamis are split into ranks - Wolf, Twin Reaver and Triad. The levels of rarity are displayed in the table below. Shinikami have a size of 4.9% and Voidin appear with 0.89%.

Earth Air Water Fire
Wolf 9.81% 10.90% 3.29% 10.94%
Twin reaver 6.58% 7.71% 11.04% 7.23%
Triad 5.07% 5.93% 9.09% 6.55%
What is the hunt for 'The Unity' ?

'The Unity' is the rarest portrait in the series. In Kami lore it is known as the supreme Kami.

'The Hunt for the Unity' is an on-chain digital treasure hunt for this NFT. It requires players to look through the NFTs to find 14 riddles that are hidden in the artwork. The Kami NFTs are divided into 14 trait-groups and each trait group holds one riddle.

The first player to successfully answer all the riddles and submit their answer in the correct order will be able to 'mint' the unity and will receive 10% of all initial mint sales.

The fact that it is on-chain means that players will directly interact with the contract which will authenticate and verify the winning player’s submission.

How do I play 'The Hunt for the Unity'?
The Hunt for ‘The Unity’ is an on-chain digital treasure hunt. This means that the answer to the puzzle will be verified on the blockchain. The main goal of the 'Hunt' is to find a fourteen expression answer to unlock your treasure!

Each of these fourteen expressions can be found by answering a riddle. There are fourteen riddles in total and they are hidden amongst a few portraits in each Kami Trait-Group. There is only one riddle per Trait-Group and only a few portraits within the Trait-Group will hold riddles. These are called 'Hodler' Kami's. Each expression might contain 1 or more words!

Only 9999 Kami NFTs will ever be sold, however, to make the Hunt a little bit more challenging we have thrown in a few more Kami portraits into the mix 'Spacemon' was introduced as an in-game currency to help players find clues faster by narrowing down their search.

The riddles are hidden within the actual artwork and can be sometimes even be seen by the naked eye "when the skies are clear".

**Note : The Unity Answer is to be entered:

without spaces in lower case

What is SpaceMon (MON) ?
SpaceMon is the native token of the Project Kami platform. All Kami Portraits generate a fixed yield of SpaceMon. SpaceMon can also be purchased from the Project Kami website. Spacemon was designed as an in-game currency used solely for Project Kami.
How do I get SpaceMon ?
Project Kami is a unique NFT project that allows players to collect this token by just holding on to the NFT. Additionally early buyers will be rewarded with a boost of Spacemon to help them in 'The Hunt for the Unity'.

Early adopters who purchase an NFT before the reveal period is completed will be rewarded with a Spacemon boost.

SpaceMon is the native token of the Project Kami platform. All Kami Portraits generate a fixed yield of SpaceMon. SpaceMon can also be purchased from the Project Kami website. Spacemon was designed as an in-game currency used solely for Project Kami

Early adopters who purchase an NFT before the reveal period is completed will be rewarded with a Spacemon boost.

Spacemon Emission will also include a Bonus boost for a period of 45 days to help players in ‘The hunt for the Unity’

How were the portraits made ?

The portraits of the Kami are a mix between procedural generation and algorithmic generation.

The visual style is inspired by South East Asian Religious Art , Sacred Geometry, Anime and Fractal Art. The portraits are made using a combination of L-Systems, Perlin Noise, Fractals and blend modes that allow for a unique yet diverse color palette.

Each piece is unique and unpredictable as the line work on each NFT is determined by a unique random seed number. The NFT corresponds to both a still image and an animation. Both images and animations are hosted on IPFS and each tokenURI will contain information about both links.

What is the future of the platform ?

We hope that the Kami project evolves to become one of the first Decentralized Creative Platforms where holders of SpaceMon can submit proposals for consideration by the wider community on how we can extend the concept and build on the lore of the Kami. We encourage interested participants to build the Kami canon and hope to use some of the proceeds of the sales to add functionality that allows the user to upload their own fictions into the Kami universe while the community has the final say as to whether this becomes an official part of the canon. 'A Droid's tale' will be worked on by us and we look forward to hearing your feedback.

What is the allocation to the team ?

A maximum of 200 Kamis have been reserved by us to hodl, donate to those who have helped us along the way and for the purpose of airdrops and giveaways. We had initially planned to only take 100 Kamis and no SpaceMon. However, over the course of the last couple of months, we have been touched by the generosity of many individuals who readily gave their time and energy to making our dream a reality. In addition, we have also allocated 30 million SpaceMon to the team. (Note that this is much less than the earnings of holding 100 Kami over 45 days). While we want to keep some Kami and SpaceMon for ourselves as a symbol of our belief in the project, we will also gift many of these as tokens of our gratitude.

Where can I get a high res version of my Kami portrait and video ?

High res versions of your Kami portrait and video are stored on IPFS. The links to these can be found in the token URI and also on the personal page of your Kami which can be reached by clicking on its portait or animation.

How do I change the Name or Title of one of my Kamis ?

To change the Name or Title of one of your Kamis you must spend 15000 SpaceMon. Following the reveal, by clicking on a portrait of a Kami in your possession, you can access its personal page. Now connect to the site using your metamask and make sure that your wallet has at least 15000 SpaceMon. Then, click on the 'Change Name & Title' button and follow the instructions.

Note that you cannot choose a Name or Title that has already been chosen. Furthermore, there is no case sensitivity and no leading or trailing spaces.

How do I transfer my NFTs to another user ?

Currently, we do not provide the facility to transfer an NFT on the site. However, the Kami contract does have this facility since it follows the ERC-721 standard. In order to transfer an NFT, you will require the token ID of your NFT which can be obtained from the Your Kamis page and the Godwoken L2 address of the user to whom you wish to send the NFT. This address can be obtained from https://ckb.tools/address.

Why are there only 9999 portraits on sale ?

A deciding factor in creating a large collection was based around the dynamics of 'The Hunt for the Unity'. We believe that more participants will create a better experience - by enlarging the pot size (10% of all sales), building a community around the treasure hunt and making sure the collection receives an audible buzz.

Additionally, we see the NFT market as one that is rapidly evolving. We would like to support this growth and promote artists and creators in the space with a fund that will be disbursed based on community consensus.

With the Unity restored Project Kami will end its cycle as an on-chain Digital treasure hunt and be reborn using the community fund to supports artists and creators in the crypto/web3 space via investment. It is our plan that ownership of assets purchased through the community fund will be via the SpaceMon Token.

Lastly, a significant percentage of the sales (upto 10% of all sales) will be given to the community fund. Under strong community stewardship, this should guarantee longevity of the project.